London Walking Tours

Walking tours are often the best way to find your feet and explore a city. Going underground on the tube or hopping on other public transport means we miss a lot of the sights as they go whizzing past.

London is such a fast paced, busy city that sometimes we forget to slow down, to look up and around us and appreciate our surroundings.

London is full of history and so many companies now offer regular, organised walking tours. There are a variety of routes and themes, most of which are led by knowledgeable locals and historians. Some cost a small amount, others are free, or for some you just pay what you think the tour was worth. So a family of four may well be able to go on a guided walk of London for as little as £12, whereas going on one of the tour operated, open top, red sightseeing buses could cost you more than £70!

For most walks, no booking is required. Each walk will have a schedule of the days and times it runs, as well as the meeting point, so you can just turn up when suits. This is great if the weather suddenly decides to chuck it down and you want to postpone to another day.

Here are a few companies we would recommend checking out:

London Walks

Strawberry Tours


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