Global Mobility in 2016: Assignment Type & Technology

Previously we have looked at the overarching trends in budgets and assignee age group, this time we look at the change in the types of assignment available and the increasing role of technology in global mobility.

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Assignment Types

As the types and ages of people going on international assignment change, so too do the types of assignment available. Policies must not just meet the needs of different types of assignees but also assignments.

We are seeing fewer traditional, long term assignments and more policy types and variations: short term assignments, one way transfers, and business commuters to name a few. Some are also turning into permanent transfers or local hires.

Employees are now also going on multiple assignments, moving from one to another and commuting between places. It is no longer a case of a one off assignment for 2 years before returning back home.

For all of these different types of assignment and variations, the right level of support needs to be given and so policies must be flexible.

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7 out of 10 HR directors said the spend on technology would increase in the next year.

According to Crown, this has largely been driven by the Millennial assignees who want interactive and immediate mobile apps and platforms for employee mobility where all the information they need is available at their fingertips. They are given a lump sum and can decide what they want to spend the money on.

However, whilst this approach has become popular over the last year or so, it has also raised some problems.

For assignees who are given a lump sum and an online platform, this all self help approach can be bewildering. They are left alone unsure of what questions to ask and where to even start. The need for a balance has become ever more apparent and is key in the coming years. Smart mobility needs to be used in the right combination. Many companies are replacing self-help approaches to ones which offer this platform but also an interactive element where they can seek support, ask questions, identify needs and receive human responses.

You can read our previous post on budget cuts here and on Millennials as the new face of global mobility here.

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