Microchipping your dog

A pet is lost every seven seconds.

As of 6th April 2016 it is compulsory for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks to be fitted with a microchip and to be registered with their owner’s details.

Each year more than 100,000 dogs are abandoned or lost at a cost of £57 million to the taxpayer and welfare charities. It is therefore hoped that this new measure will help to reunite owners with lost or stolen pets, relieve the burden on animal charities, and protect the welfare of dogs by promoting responsible dog ownership.Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 16.53.14

1 in 3 pets will get lost. Without ID, 90% won’t return home.

Microchipping is a pain-free and quick process. The microchip is very small and can be injected through a needle. Your dog will just feel the same as he does when he has any other injection. The only exemption from the requirement is where a vet has certified in writing that a dog is unfit to be microchipped due to a health reason.

It is important that the owner’s contact details are kept up to date on the microchip database, for example when moving house or changing telephone number.

Petlog is managed by the Kennel Club and is the largest independent database in the UK and is fully compliant with the new government regulations.

If a dog without a microchip comes to the attention of the authorities, its owner may be served with a notice requiring the dog to be microchipped within 21 days and they may even face criminal prosecution and/or a £500 fine if they do not comply with this notice.

All imported dogs will need to have a microchip before entering the UK.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact TTA Relocation.

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